World of instrument sounds

Let the kids and children explore the world of musical instrument by sound applications on your iPhone and iPad. They can identify all the instruments through beautiful images, authentic, high-quality sound and pronounce the name of the instrument in Vietnamese and English. You can also know the kid’s favorite instruments and sounds to choose your favorite type of music for your child.

The functionality of the application:
– Beautiful and real photos of the most popular instruments.
– Featured selection of musical instrument sound.
– Just click on the name of the instrument to listen to pronunciations
– Option is Vietnamese or English

Application description:
– Divisible into 4 types of instruments: String instruments, flute and trumpet, percussion (drum) and metal instruments.
– Slide the picture to hear the corresponding sound.
– Nearly modern instruments and 50 differences.
These instruments include: Violin,Balalaika,Accordion,Contrabasse,Clavichord,Banjo,Piano,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Harp,Harpsichord,Lute,Mandolin,Organ,Cello,Two-Chord Guitar,Diddley Bow,Two String Bow,Bamboo Xylophone,Plucked Zither, Flute, Bassoon, Clarinet, Harmonica, Oboe, Recorder, Flute-Alto, Saxophone,Tuba,Trombone,Trumpet, French Horn, Electric Drum, Bongo Drum, Kettle Drum, Tambourine, Snare Drum, Bass Drum,Beat Drum, Cymbal,Gong, Triangle,Glockenspiel,Tubular Bells

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Link for install from CH Play (for android devices) and Appstore (for iPhone, iPad):

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