Flashcard for kids leanring

Kids Learning was designed vividly and beautifully for children from 1 year old can easily learn the world around them. In addition to descovering the world, kids can learn English easily with bilingual functionality of the application:
– Images realistic, vivid.
– There pronounce Vietnamese and English.
– Interface in Vietnamese and English.
– Wrote as flash card for easy to slide to view and hear.
– Bring entertainment and learning, intellectual development, IQ.
– 20 themed baby around the world, each topic includes more realistic picture quality. Up to 400 than contents.
– Change language simple.
The theme of the application include:
-Basic Shapes
-Musical Instruments
-Traffic signs

Screenshot_2015-04-23-23-47-56     Screenshot_2015-04-23-23-49-15   Screenshot_2015-04-23-23-48-06 Screenshot_2015-04-23-23-48-26 Screenshot_2015-04-23-23-48-39  Screenshot_2015-04-23-23-48-55

Link for install from CH Play (for android devices) and Appstore (for iPhone, iPad):

ios android

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